Hawaiian Cacao Chocolate Bar

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Our delicious hand-made artisanal chocolate bars offer a genuine bean-to-bar experience! Made with 85% Kona cacao grown organically and farmed biodynamically on our family farm, each 2oz bar is created with love and bursting with Big Island flavor. Indulge your senses!

Vegan, 85% Cacao.
Ingredients: 85% Kona Cacao, Brown Sugar.

Note: Temp out of stock till the end of summer? 

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Kona Gold Trading Comapy

Kona Gold is Single Origin Single Estate high mountain shade grown Arabica Coffee under Macadamia nut trees, Ohia trees in full sun. Kona Gold winner of the Kona Cupping Crown Competition has been served in Paris and London. Kona Gold Bakery features a variety of local flavored rum cakes made with authentic Hawaiian craft gold and dark rum.