Kona Coffee Industry in 2023: The Impact of Drought, Disease and Pests on Production and Prices

Kona Coffee Industry in 2023: The Impact of Drought, Disease and Pests on Production and Prices

Kona coffee, known for its unique and sought-after flavor, is facing a significant drop in production in 2023 due to a combination of factors. Drought, coffee leaf rust fungus, and the coffee berry borer have created what the president of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association has described as "a perfect storm" that is causing a decline in coffee production. In this article, we will talk more about these conditions and what this will mean for Kona coffee in 2023.

Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Borer Wreak Havoc on Kona Crop

Coffee leaf rust fungus is a common disease that affects coffee plants and thrives in moist environments. The recent high rainfall in the Kona coffee belt, although higher than average, has not been beneficial for the coffee plants as it has created an environment that is conducive to the growth of the fungus.

The coffee berry borer, a beetle that infests and destroys coffee cherries on the tree, has also caused major production issues. The drought, which occurred during the first and last flowering of the coffee, was another contender in production loss. According to the president of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association, some farms have seen a 50% reduction in production over the last couple of years, and some have seen a 90% reduction.

Production Decreases, Causing Prices to Rise

This decline in production has led to a spike in the price of green coffee, with prices currently at $26.50 per pound and rising. Despite the increase in price, growers are still losing money as their crop has gone down by 50%. The weather patterns have also been causing problems for growers, with the harvest coming earlier than usual.

While the Kona coffee industry is facing significant setbacks in the form of drought, coffee leaf rust fungus and the coffee berry borer, we are working hard to overcome these challenges.

Our Kona coffee farmers are doing everything possible to protect their crops and continue producing excellent Kona brands for our customers. We are gaining more knowledge about managing coffee leaf rust and are hopeful that this year's weather will cooperate, leading to a better crop in 2023.

At Buddha’s Sanctuary LLC, we are committed to growing and roasting the highest quality Kona coffee beans. We plan to continue providing our customers with the delicious and unique Kona coffee experience.

During this time, we strive to support all other Kona coffee farmers and their efforts to overcome these challenges. We appreciate our customer's support and look forward to continuing to serve them the best Kona coffee brands this year.