Kona Gold By Buddha’s Sanctuary Wins Gourmet Bronze Award at the 2022 AVPA Contest

Kona Gold By Buddha’s Sanctuary Wins Gourmet Bronze Award at the 2022 AVPA Contest

Kona Gold By Buddha’s Sanctuary Wins Gourmet Bronze Award at the 2022 AVPA Contest

Kona Gold Espresso by Buddha’s Sanctuary LLC won the Gourmet Bronze Award at the 2022 AVPA Contest for Coffee Roasted at Origin. The 8th international awards ceremony was held on December 15th, 2022, at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris. If you are interested in watching the ceremony, you can find the full virtual video here.

AVPA, also known as the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products, cares about uplifting coffee producers that verify they roast coffee at its origin. In the saturated coffee market, we are honored to be associated with organizations that respect the strategic production of coffee for taste, quality, and sustainability.

In this article, we will explore more about the AVPA contest and the award-winning Kona Gold Espresso by Buddha’s Sanctuary!

The 2022 AVPA Coffee Roasted at Origin Competition

This year the jury of the competition was hosted by Alice Juguet, including over 200 coffee blends from 25 countries spanning four continents. The professional jury of tasters tested espresso and unfiltered coffee infusions, ranking the winners among three different medals: gold, silver, and bronze.

All AVPA Coffee Roasted at Origin contestants have to guarantee the traceability of their coffees to participate in the contest. In many coffee-production countries, more green coffee is being consumed by roasting it on-site. The AVPA believes this is a valuable asset in the coffee industry that they wish to support and expand over the years.

All coffees are accepted, including arabicas, robustas, washed, plain, honey, and more. These traditional classifications are paired with new categories created by the AVPA related to roasted coffees offered in the country of origin.

Buddha’s Sanctuary Kona Gold Espresso Takes Home a Bronze Medal

Kona Gold is a single-origin, single-estate high mountain Arabica coffee. Our Kona line is grown under Macadamia nut trees and Ohia trees in full sun. For this reason, you’ll often pick up on a unique flavor profile of buttery dark chocolate and peach. Alongside our award for Kona Gold, Imagine 100% Kona Coffee also won a bronze medal at the AVPA contest. Our Buddha’s Cup Dry Natural has also won a gourmet medal at the AVPA Contest.

Our team is grateful to have won such prestigious awards, and as always, we want to thank AVPA Paris for the recognition. The Kona Gold line at Buddha’s Sanctuary is grown on one of our five farms, separate from the Buddha’s Cup coffee beans. Due to climate conditions, elevation, and the trees our coffee plants grow under; our unique coffee lines offer a new array of flavor notes.

We have been honored with winning many notable awards in 2022 and are immensely thankful for the continuous support from our community. It’s our goal to continue growing our outreach to provide the best-tasting coffee straight from our farm in Hawaii.

As we move into 2023, we hope that all of you continue to include Buddha’s Sanctuary coffee as a part of your days. If you want to shop the award-winning Kona Gold coffee, you can find it on our website today!