The AVPA Contest

At Kona Gold, we have always been passionate about crafting exquisite chocolates that showcase the unique flavours of our Hawaiian-grown cocoa beans. Our dedication to quality and innovation has recently been recognized on the global stage, as we secured 4th place in the prestigious 3rd International AVPA Chocolate Contest.

This blog post will delve into the details of the contest, our achievements, and the exceptional products that have earned us this remarkable recognition.

The AVPA Contest

The AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products) is a well-known organisation that focuses on supporting and promoting high-quality agricultural products, such as chocolates made in countries where cocoa is grown. After the successful 1st and 2nd editions in 2021 and 2022, the 3rd edition of the "Chocolates processed at origin" contest took place in February 2023.

This worldwide competition is specially designed for chocolatiers and their groups, like cooperatives and Denominations of Origin.

The contest is split into two main categories: plain dark chocolate and other chocolates. Two separate juries judge the entries, with Pascale Adeline leading the technical jury and Emmanuelle de Beauregard in charge of the gastronomic jury.

These expert panels play a vital role in tasting and evaluating the chocolates, considering factors such as flavour, texture, and presentation. In the first two editions, the juries tasted and judged nearly 200 amazing chocolates from over 20 countries across four continents.

This contest not only offers a stage for chocolatiers to display their work but also encourages healthy competition and the sharing of ideas and methods within the industry. Participants can learn from each other and continuously aim to improve the quality and art of their chocolates.

The AVPA contest helps to spotlight the fantastic work being done by chocolatiers in cocoa-producing countries, showing that their creations can compete with, and even exceed, those made by famous brands in consumer countries.

In short, the AVPA contest is a celebration of the best chocolates made at their source, highlighting the skill, creativity, and passion of the chocolatiers involved. The competition's structure and expert juries make sure that each entry is carefully considered, ultimately recognizing and rewarding the most outstanding products in the world of chocolate.

Kona Gold's 4th Place Win: A Testament to Our Dedication and Craftsmanship

Our success in securing 4th place in this esteemed competition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. At Kona Gold, we take great pride in crafting chocolates that truly capture the essence of their Hawaiian origins. Our chocolates are made using the finest locally-sourced cocoa beans, which are carefully selected to ensure that each piece delivers an authentic and delightful taste experience.

Our exceptional product range includes a variety of chocolate offerings, from our award-winning plain dark chocolate to our delectable chocolate candies with diverse ingredients. Each creation is thoughtfully crafted by our skilled chocolatiers, who employ a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovations to produce chocolates that leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Sourcing and Sustainability: The Kona Gold Difference

A key factor that sets Kona Gold apart from other chocolate brands is our commitment to growing the finest cocoa beans at our 80 acre local Hawaiian farm. We responsibly grow and harvest our own cocoa, resulting in a positive impact on the local communities and the environment.

Additionally, our focus on sustainability extends to our production processes, as we utilise eco-friendly practices and materials in our packaging and operations. This dedication to environmental stewardship further enhances the appeal of our chocolates and showcases our values as a responsible and forward-thinking brand.

The Future of Kona Gold: Continuing Our Quest for Excellence

Our success in the 3rd International AVPA Chocolate Contest has only fueled our passion for creating outstanding chocolates that honour the unique flavours and characteristics of our Hawaiian-grown cocoa beans. As we look to the future, we are committed to continuing our quest for excellence, seeking new ways to innovate and improve our offerings while remaining true to our roots and core values.

We invite you to indulge in the world of Kona Gold, where each bite is a celebration of the exceptional taste and artistry that has earned us a place among the world's finest chocolatiers. Discover for yourself the delectable creations that have captured the hearts and taste buds of chocolate lovers around the globe.