The secret to producing excellent Kona coffee

The secret to producing excellent Kona coffee

The secret to producing excellent Kona coffee

Kona coffee is exceptional because of the particular place it’s grown. Our beans are specially cultivated in a location on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The mountain’s elevation, nutrient-rich soil, ideal sun exposure, and insulated microclimate are ideal for producing a perfectly heady, aromatic cup of coffee. The volcanic soil is instrumental in cultivating the incredible aroma and palate of Kona coffee.

When you buy Kona Gold, you can sip, savor, and celebrate the spirit of Hawaii with every cup you brew.

Macadamia plants boost the health of coffee

Macadamia nuts are known for their rich flavor profile with a touch of sweetness. Through a process called intercropping, they provide the necessary shade, temperature regulation and a greenhouse effect.

These plants work together to better the environmental conditions and soil fertility of the surrounding area. Better yet, macadamia plants enrich coffee fruits with a nutty and buttery creme brulee flavor. Our macadamia nuts are also equipped with a robust flavor highlighted by notes of floral, honey and vanilla.

How Biodynamic Farming impacts coffee production

Biodynamic farming maintains a high standard of plant care and ecological techniques. Coffee beans are sourced from the seed of the Coffea plant. When grown in a biodynamic environment, customers are able to enjoy an aromatic, full-bodied flavor in every cup.

Since the plants are sustainably grown and preserved in a natural, organic environment they create a rich coffee bean that can’t be produced with traditional agricultural processing.

This is the same production style we use to create estate grown 100% Kona coffee. All of our coffee plants are raised in a rich bio-diverse environment without pesticides to ensure the best product for the planet and our customers.

Enjoy the robust flavors of pesticide-free biodynamic coffee Kona Gold produces. We’re committed to caring for our environment, customers, and the delicacy of fine coffee and tea. Our award-winning 100% Kona coffee is available in a variety of flavors and roasts guaranteed to please your taste buds.