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Holiday Gift Guide

Staff Picks

  • Manny

    Justin Operations Manager/ Head Roaster

    Espresso Macadamia Nut Rum Cake. Justin is a coffee lover, the combination of Espresso grinds and Macadamia Nuts are perfect with his morning cup of coffee.

    Tastes like: a Coffee cake with Rum flavoring And Macadamia Nuts.

    Available in: 5 oz or 24 oz size.

  • Manny Farm Manager

    Kona Gold Cacao bar.
    Manny is the cultivator and maker of this Mexican style chocolates. His favorite is the Kona Coffee Cacao bar. A fine mixture of fresh Kona Coffee grinds from the Kona Gold Estate coffee farm located n the Buddha’s Cup Farm. With Kona Grown 100 percent Cacao!

  • Christine Owner

    Kona Gold Peaberry Chocolates. A perfect gift for a person on the go that needs a caffeine fix! Peaberry Coffee beans are 30% more caffeinated! Covered in semi-sweet Chocolate! Makes a nice stocking stuffer!

    Available in: 4 oz size

  • Stacy Bakery Manager

    Kona Gold Butter Rum Flavor Medium/Dark Smooth and Buttery with hints of chocolate make a perfect combination with any of our Rum Cakes! A true Dessert coffee! For the Coffee lover who has a sweet tooth!

    Available in 8 oz ground or whole bean.

  • Beth Baker

    Kona Gold 8 oz Raw Honey a perfect stocking stuffer! Our Raw Honey comes from our family Farms at Buddha’s Cup! Honey variety varies to what is in season.

    Available in 8 oz

  • For the Big Coffee drinker

    The all around Staff pick is our Kona Gold UVB Infused Medium/Dark. 100 percent Kona Gold medium/dark Kona Coffee infused in UVB light. The UVB light brings out a softer, smooth clean taste to your coffee. May help those with sensitive stomachs.

    Taste Like: Buttery, Peach

    Available in 8 oz ground or whole bean