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  • Medium/Dark 100% Kona Coffee

  • Medium 100% Kona Coffee

  • Buttered Rum 100% Kona Coffee

  • UVB Light Infused 100% Kona Coffee

  • Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee



100% kona coffee is roasted to perfection straight from our single estate farm.

Welcome to our 100% Kona Coffee Shop!

At our Kona Coffee Shop, we take pride in bringing you the finest coffee experience from the heart of the Hawaiian Islands. Nestled in the fertile slopes of Mauna Loa, our coffee beans are handpicked, sun-dried, and roasted to perfection, ensuring each cup is a celebration of the unique terroir and flavor profile that Kona offers.

Our commitment to quality starts with the soil. The volcanic soil of Kona, enriched with minerals, imparts a distinct character to our beans, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced cup with a mild acidity and rich aroma. It's this terroir that makes our 100% Kona Coffee stand out from the rest.

We offer a wide range of Kona coffee varieties to suit your preferences. From our medium roast that exudes a caramel sweetness and hints of tropical fruits to our dark roast with its bold, full-bodied flavors, there's a Kona coffee for every palate. If you're looking for a decaffeinated option, we have that too, ensuring that everyone can savor the taste of Kona.

When you shop with us, you're not just buying coffee; you're supporting local farmers who have cultivated Kona coffee for generations. We work closely with Kona coffee growers who follow sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring that the coffee you enjoy is a product of both quality and integrity.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or new to the world of Kona coffee, our shop is your gateway to discovering the exquisite flavors of Hawaii. Take your time to explore our selection and find your perfect Kona coffee match. Each bag of our 100% Kona Coffee is a piece of paradise that you can brew in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for choosing our 100% Kona Coffee Shop. We look forward to sharing the warmth and flavor of the Hawaiian Islands with you, one cup at a time.